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Local designer went from computer screens to clay pots to find her calling

Ann Margaret Ceramics

Ann Parker is a graphic designer by training but found it difficult to connect with technology. On a whim, she took a ceramics class one semester at Towson University where she received her undergraduate degree. She found a passion in the simple concept of creating functional items with her own two hands.

Towson University Students Hold Anti-Trump Walkout and Protest

Courtesy Jessica Shiller/ @jessicashiller
Courtesy Assistant Professor Jessica Shiller/@jessicashiller

In the first few days after Donald Trump was elected president, students and activists in Baltimore City took the chance to gather and share their displeasure. Today, six days out, members of Towson University’s campus community joined in.

Towson Basketball Coach Had Election Game Plan for Players

photo via Pressbox
Pat Skerry photo via Pressbox

It’s the big day for Towson University’s men’s basketball team. Except, the season doesn’t officially start until next week.

One of Two Towson Fraternity Brothers Charged with Hazing Let Off on Probation

Courtesy Baltimore County Police
Courtesy Baltimore County Police

A 21-year-old former fraternity member at Towson University accused of hazing a student to the point of hospitalization has avoided going to trial.

Baltimore County Has a New Law Targeting ‘Unruly’ College Parties

Let's make sure this doesn't get unruly.
Let’s make sure this doesn’t get unruly.

With the new school year at Towson University and UMBC comes a new way for people to crack down on college parties.

Ken Ulman to Advise Towson University on Future Growth

Ken Ulman donates campaign money
Ken Ulman

New development in Towson is already on the horizon with Towson Square and Towson Circle. A new move today indicates more could be on the way at the quad.

Towson University Fraternity Hazing Results in Criminal Charges





Kush Arora is an Annapolis criminal attorney who covers DUI cases, as well as defendants who have been charged with a variety of other criminal offenses.

We often think of it as an accepted part of the college scene—fraternity leaders force trembling young freshmen to undergo a series of humiliating and frightening ordeals in order to prove themselves worthy of membership. The situation is not nice, but it is normal in many people’s minds.

Towson University Fraternity Members Arrested for Hazing

via Baltimore County police

Two Towson University students were charged in a hazing incident that left another student hospitalized.

Cell Phone Recording on Campus Causes Trouble



Angie DiPietro is a criminal defense attorney who practices in Ocean City and across the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Modern cell phones make it easier than ever to record scenes from our daily lives, a phenomenon which has both positive and negative effects. Recently, a young man was charged in two separate “peeping Tom” incidents when he stuck his cell phone under the divider of a bathroom stall to record action within the stall.

Peeping Tom Arrested for Incident at Mall, Towson University

Arundel Mills Mall
Arundel Mills Mall

An arrest at Arundel Mills Mall led police to a peeping tom who was also wanted in a Towson incident.