The Valley Inn Opens, Sort of…

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A few weeks ago, I heard that restaurateur Teddy Bauer had invited over the weekend a few friends to stop by his old-restaurant-made-new, The Valley Inn, on Falls Road in Brooklandville.  I immediately drove by and called the restaurant; both actions bore no fruit. The following Thursday, a friend and I met there for a drink and to see if it was open.  (I had heard from a friend of Teddy’s that he was going to open the bar first.) When we arrived at about 8:00 at night, the place was dead.

Looks like Richard Gorelick at The Baltimore Sun heard the same rumors I did and went by last Saturday to check things out for himself, and it looks like it is open (but mostly for FOTs – Friends of Teddy’s).  He reports that the pub is open for business on Fridays and Saturdays, serving burgers, crab cakes, salads and more.  Read his story here. 

Ever since Teddy Bauer bought The Valley Inn in 2011 locals have speculated on what the Oregon Grille-owner would do with the space.  Looks like that’s yet to be seen, but from what it seems, a full opening is getting closer.  Anyone know anything more about the opening of The Valley Inn? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. It is a shame that Teddy Bauer has done little to advertise the opening of what was quite an institution. It seems he is still “smarting” from his inability to obtain certain permits to expand the inn and offer more extensive venues like his Oregon Grille. Let’s hope we are pleasantly surprised when they open full time since the comments so far are nothing to write home about.

    • If the food is as bad as the waitstaff, one can only be disappointed. We actually walked out without ordering tonight..a first in our very many years of dining out.

  2. Warning: This is a rant! Today is my wonderful husband’s 64th birthday and although I was not feeling well earlier in the day, I wanted to do something special for him for dinner.

    Having heard that the re-opened Valley Inn (falls Road Brooklandville) was now owned by the same folks who I hear run a wonderful establishment at the Oregon Grille, we decided to give it a try for dinner. Made a reservation and everything! Got there around 6 only to be told that they did not have a record of the reservation. Seems the Einstein who took the reservation neglected to get the correct spelling of our name. That settled, we were seated at a very small booth in the bar area and brought menus by a kid in grubby jeans with a dirty towel hanging out of his pocket. So it’s not formal..who cares! Food was pricy and later found out that everything was a-la carte. OK so it’s expensive.

    Not being especially well versed on the various yuppie sauces and sides they serve these days, we had a couple of questions about the menu; each one sending our waiter back to ask the kitchen for the answer.

    I can only assume that the owner is employing kids of family, friends and/or neighbors to whom he owes favors, to work at the Valley Inn because this is surely the most unprofessionally run place we’ve ever been. After the second trip to the kitchen by our waiter, we left and went to our old standby…

    THE PRIME RIB!!!!!!!! Wonderful, as always.

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