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Meg Fielding writes the local interior design and lifestyle blog Pigtown Design and is the past president of the Baltimore Architectural Foundation. She enjoys dual citizenship with the US and the UK.

Purple Friday


Courtesy of Pigtown Design – The Fridays before Ravens games are designated as PURPLE FRIDAYS. This year, for the fourth year in a row, the Ravens are headed to the playoffs, and once again, residents of Baltimore are painting the town purple. Mostly with light, but some people do actually paint.

BBJNotre-Dame-tower-2The College of Notre Dame in Maryland

BBJ UMUniversity of Maryland, with historic Davidge Hall at the bottom.

BBJ RavensStencils on the sidewalks around the city.

City HallBaltimore’s City Hall


I am furiously sewing some cashmere scarves with old black and purple sweaters to sell at a friend’s shop. I miss living downtown at times like this, when the whole city is lit up. Click here for pictures from two years ago, when some of the buildings around the harbour spelled out GO RAVENS. And if you look at the same date last year, I wrote about the EXACT.SAME.THING!

The game’s on Sunday and we’re all wishing for a huge Raven’s VICTORY!


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The Shops: Gore Dean


Over the holidays we featured “The Shops”, a column by our friend and Pigtown Design blogger Meg Fielding. You liked it so much, we’re going to keep posting her delightful reviews of the most interesting shelter shops in town. – The Eds.

I do love Gore Dean, and I hadn’t been by there for ages, even though it’s only about a mile up the Falls Road from me. So when I went to the local outpost of Williams-Sonoma on New Year’s Eve to pick up some fun cooking tools, I popped in to Gore Dean.

Gore Dean (5)One of the things that Gore Dean does beautifully is Chinoiserie. I saw this lovely little painting that Spider, Deb Gore Dean’s husband who manages the store, was about to hang.Gore Dean (6)

Then I turned around and spotted this group of plates. They’re the same colours as some Coalport china that I have. Love the blue, gold and orange.Gore Dean (1)

I spied this great-looking chair, and Spider told me that it came from the writer, Dominic Dunne.Gore Dean (13)If you’re a fan of Dunne’s writings, here’s a chance to own a piece of his history. The detailing on the chair is great.Gore Dean (12)


One of my new year’s resolutions is to keep my desk a little more tidy, especially the one at the office.Gore Dean (16)I think these pebble-grain leather pieces would look fabulous, don’t you?

Although my driving record, both here and in the UK, is SPOTLESS, I think that several people I know could benefit from this little tome.Gore Dean (20)The book would be a great conversation piece, regardless of who it was given to.

You know, this is the year of the Dragon.Gore Dean (21)So these plates would be a perfect accompaniment to some dim sum at a Chinese New Year dinner.

I love that the lighting at Gore Dean ranges from the completely traditional wall sconcesGore Dean (38)to these up-to-the-moment pendant lamps in the most au courant shade of orange.Gore Dean (39)

Finally, who could resist these cheeky monkeys?Gore Dean (40)

Gore Dean

5100 Falls Road  88 Village Square 
Baltimore, Maryland 21210 


1673 Wisconsin Avenue 
Washington, DC 20007 


441 Canal Street 
Stamford, CT 06902-5910 


The Shops: Charity


Courtesy of Pigtown Design – The saying is that charity begins at home and at local charity shops, it does. For this post, I am not talking about the multi-venue stores like Goodwill or Value Village, but smaller one-off shops run by churches, hospitals, and other charitable causes. Many of these shops have goods donated by members of the organization and are run almost exclusively by volunteers.

I stopped in at the Carry On Shop, a project of the Johns Hopkins Women’s Committee. The shop is run by John and Kelly who are paid staff, and is located at the Hospital’s East Baltimore Campus. When you look through the names of the Women’s Committee, they are a pretty impressive group and have some friends with great taste and deep pockets.

That’s why you can go in and find something like this:

carry on 13Judith Leiber bag

carry on 2New Kate Spade Evening Sandals

carry on 9Gucci Loafers

carry on 10One of many many pairs of Ferragamo Shoes

In addition, they have original prints and artwork, furniture, china and crystal, as well as books.carry on 8You can see more images on this post from 2009.

Around Baltimore, some places which have shops are Good Samaritan Hospital, St. Paul’s Church in Ellicott CIty, Sheppard Pratt Hospital, and The Surprise Shop at the Trinity Church in Towson. Of course, there are a lot of smaller ones that I don’t know about. Many of them are only open a few days or hours a week, so you should call and check before you go.carry on 6

These shops do good for the charities they benefit and for the people who buy from them, even if one of those people is me!

Pigtown Design is the musings of Meg Fairfax Fielding, a Baltimore-based writer, photographer and fund-raiser, who explores design, architecture, culture, and current events in Baltimore and around the world.   

The Shops: Holiday Heap o’ Craft


One of the most gratifying things about blogging is having the chance to meet other bloggers, people whom I never would have met otherwise. Today was one of those occasions, when I met up with Mary from Barn Bug Studio at the Holiday Heap o’Craft Show. It’s hosted by the local Etsy Street Team and the Charm City Craft Mafia who show and sell their wares at a re-purposed church in Baltimore.


The venue, which is always being renovated, reminded me of any number of church and village fetes I attended when I was living in the UK, especially with the fairy lights and bright pennants crossing the room. As you can see, the place was packed, just elbow to elbow. And believe me, more than a few elbows were being thrown as people dealt with the crowds.

I am always so amazed to see the craftsmanship and creativity that people have, and there was plenty to see today.

Brightly colored paper Christmas trees,

Screen-printed towels and placemats,

Pretty painted pottery with poppies,

Clever wine carriers in felt,


The Quilting Beast pillows,

Towels with vintage engravings,

Sea-urchins or jelly fish in crochet,


Cat toys in crochet.

St. John’s Church, where the Holiday Heap was held, 

is really an amazing space and is used for myriad events, including dances, yoga practices, band concerts and even services for the small remaining congregation.

There are events like Holiday Heap all over the place for the next few weeks. Go out and support your local crafter!

The Shops: Trohv


trove [trohv] noun

1. a collection of objects.

2. a great local store!


Trohv is one of the fun shops on a street a few blocks from where I live, and it is indeed a treasure trove of fun items for the house. They are quirky without being too far out and have such a wide range of things that it’s hard to leave there empty-handed. A couple of people from the staff went up to Brimfield for a buying trip in September and came back with some unique items.



But for now, they’re gearing up for the holidays and when you enter the store, you see that they’ve prepped well!

Lots of fun food and candy,


beautiful balls for hanging on the tree, 

elves and santas, 


winter scenes,

and local interest items.


They have a collection of stuffed animals, 

of all types, 


including this dog, who may replace Connor if he’s not good!


I had to laugh at their collection of wood-grained items, especially this wrapping paper, 

 and these cookie cutters!


Trohv also has a great selection of books, such as this Liberty of London sewing book, which had some great ideas, 

and a personal favorite, Mary Randolph Carter’s For the Love of Old.


Trohv has locations in Hampden in Baltimore and in Takoma Park on the Maryland/Washington, DC border. 921 W. 36th Street, Hampden


Meg Fielding is the writer of the popular local blog Pigtown Design.   

The Shops: Halcyon House Antiques


Another installment of “The Shops” from our friend and Pigtown Design blogger Meg Fielding. This time she visits a Baltimore Fishbowl home store favorite: Stiles Colwill’s Halcyon House Antiques.

Anyone who has been reading Pigtown*Design for more than five minutes, knows how truly, madly and deeply in love I am with Halcyon House Antiques. I am a city mouse, but I could become a country mouse and move into this amazing shop in an instant!

The owners of Halcyon House, Stiles and Jonathan, along with Eric, who manages the shop, excel at choosing the merchandise for the shop. They have a good mix of housewares, including dishes and cutlery,

food items which make great gifts, (and let me just tell you how AMAZING this salted caramel is!) 


and books. (I should get this for my mum, whose nickname is Cookie!)

Another area where the guys have it spot on, is with their women’s accessories. I freely admit to one and all, that I LOVE GLOVES! Like these,


and these,

and these.



They just make me happy!


Then there are the scarves and bags, both of which I also am crazy about…


you don’t even need to know how many scarves I have!



Personally, I see NOTHING wrong with the image above. Bags? Check. Jewelry? Check. Great rug? Check! So, if you’re in Baltimore, and you need a unique and extraordinary gift for someone you love, including yourself, get out to Halcyon House and see what they’ve got. You will find something to love, even if it’s just some Christmas tree baubles!


 Halcyon House Antiques

11219 Greenspring Avenue, Lutherville

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The Shops – a New Series by Pigtown Design’s Meg Fielding


Our friend at Pigtown Design, Meg Fielding, is a design and shopping expert.  She is generously sharing with us her new series “The Shops” — about local shopping — which we will run throughout the holiday season.  Look for another posting of The Shops next Friday on the BFB. Read the interview we conducted with Meg this summer, here. – The Eds.

My friend, Jax works at Hobo International, the home of Hobo Bags. Every year, right about this time, meaning just in time to do your holiday shopping, they have a massive warehouse sale. And by massive, I mean 50% to 70% off the retail prices. They have sample, prototype, and other wallets, handbags, clutches, wristlets, totes, shoulder bags and more! And they come in leathers, skins and prints.



I have a Hobo wallet that I’ve been using for more than a year now, and I love it! Black patent with a fabulous black and white print inside. It’s a fabulous wallet… and it came from last year’s sale. I am looking for my winter handbag now – gotta get rid of the current Kate Spade, which is looking a bit summery. So I am scouting their website to get some ideas of what I want. And one of the things I really like about Hobo, besides their great designs, is that they’re a woman-owned, local business. Always a good thing!



Jax is offering one winner, who must be local to the Baltimore/Washington DC area (unless you want to fly in for this event) an additional 25% off their total purchase. You could eliminate your entire holiday shopping at this one event!  Just leave a comment below and Connor-the-Wonder-Dog will pick a winner on Thursday, November 17th. The winner will receive a special e-mail coupon to use when shopping at the warehouse sale (just the sale, not stores or on-line, sorry!).



I will see you there!

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