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Coffee Makes You Smarter, Johns Hopkins Says



Want an excuse to step away from your desk and grab a Diet Coke/cup of tea/soy latte? Well, here’s a good one:  According to recent research from Johns Hopkins, caffeine helps enhance long-term memory.

Family Photos: What Kind of Person Am I?

The author (right) and her sister, Helene.
The author (right) and her sister, Helene.

As writer Martha Frankel narrated family photos for her partially blind mother, she saw more through her mom’s eyes.

In every family photo taken of me before I’m 15, someone is holding my arms behind my back, as if I might bolt, as if I might float off into the ether if they weren’t tethering me to the earth. Usually it was my mother, but in a few of the photos it was my sister Helene, and in one, my father.




University of Baltimore Asst. Prof. and Bohemian Rhapsody Columnist Marion Winik discusses “neural storage,” the nature of memory, and the beauty of Mexican seven-layer casserole.

Recently my friend Sandye and I were drinking some local microbrew in Fells Point, and she reminded me of the time we were in Newfoundland and met these guys who served us delicious beer they had made in their garage. “It was the first time we ever had homemade beer, remember?” Sandye said. “And it was the first time I truly liked, even loved, beer.”

A Gift of Memory


Baltimore writer and comic podcaster Geoffrey Welchman recounts his final conversation with his father.

We were talking after dinner, my mother, father, and I.

As usual after a meal, my mother hovered in their kitchen, clearing plates and announcing what was on offer for dessert (“Peaches! We have fresh peaches!”), while my dad and I lingered at the table.