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Back When Oprah Lived in Baltimore…



Yesterday, Martha Stewart tweeted a 1982 picture of three big-haired ladies: Stewart, PR pro Susan Magrino, and a former Baltimore news anchor named Oprah Winfrey. This blast from the past made us nostalgic for Oprah’s Baltimore days.

Appointment Television: A Bedtime Story

illustration by Elisabeth Dahl
illustration by Elisabeth Dahl

Baltimore writer Elisabeth Dahl breaks to us gently how TV used to treat people.

I’m going to tell you a story, children. It’s a little scary. It’s about your parents.

Don’t leave. You should know this about them. It will help you understand.

Yes, That Is a Serious Baltimore Accent on American Horror Story


BeardAmerican Horror Story is a TV series on FX that’s grown increasingly popular since its inception three years ago. This year, the show’s getting more buzz than ever… and I’m pretty sure it’s because of the classic Baltimore accent it’s showcasing.

Grit Wants to Give Baltimore Guys More Action Movies



More stuff is about to blow up on Baltimore TVs. Grit, a new broadcast channel devoted to action movies, will debut soon in Baltimore thanks to a distribution agreement announced Thursday.

Breaking Bad’s Walter White Was a Terrible Teacher, JHU Prof Says


Walter White bad teacher

Walter White, the lead character in AMC’s recently-ended Breaking Bad, did a lot of nasty things. He used his chemistry skills to make highly addictive drugs, lied to friends and family, and murdered people. But according to one Johns Hopkins political scientist, his real crime was that he was a terrible teacher.

Football Widow Woes


Got questions about life? Love? Parenting? Work? Write to Whit’s End, a new advice column by local husband, father, teacher, coach, former executive and former Marine Corps officer Al Whitaker.  Send your questions to [email protected]

Hi, Al:

Now that the football season is well underway, I am resenting all the weekend time taken up with my husband watching games with or without his football buddies. The college games are on Saturday (sometimes Thursday and Friday, too), and the professional games are on Sunday as well as Monday and Thursday night, so I’m beginning to feel Football claustrophobia.  We hardly ever get together with other couples because they guys don’t bring their wives or girlfriends because the women have so little interest in watching football. My only option  is just try to be friendly and cheerful to his fellow game-watchers when I’m really grinding my teeth with resentment and disappointment.

The side-effect that is in some ways even worse than the main issue is the distance that is created between us because of his involvement with the all-consuming nature of the football culture and my resentment of it.  With the lack of shared interest, my interest in intimacy really takes a nosedive because I feel like he doesn’t care about us. My feeling is in strong contrast to his all during the season, since watching football with his friends makes him feel so good. Naturally, our love life suffers.

Normally, he is a loving husband who takes good care of me, so I guess I should just get over being mad and get through the season.

Any suggestions besides “GO RAVENS!”?

Sideline Barbie

Dear Sideline:

You don’t love football and you resent the amount of time your husbands spends with it—I get it, but you do love your husband, right?  The football and his involvement with it is going to be there, so you can’t change that reality. However, you can change the reality of how you feel about it.

One way is to stop dreading your husband’s football season of watching and socializing with his football buddies. Part of your angst is just imagining how you are going to be miserable.  Somewhere along the way, I heard that “depression is living in the past, anxiety is living in the future, and happiness is living in the present.” Let go of the rope in this tug of war between what you remember and what you expect, so you can be happy in between.

You can create a whole new dynamic between your husband and you when it comes to football by trying to share his involvement.

Tell him that you want to learn about the game from him—he’ll probably be flattered. While you watch the game together, ask him to explain a particular aspect of the game that seems confusing, but don’t say you don’t understand anything because mostly likely he’ll get frustrated. Just focus on a small piece of the mayhem, for example: “What is pass interference?”  (Don’t ask why it’s called “play-action” because nobody knows.) He’ll recognize and appreciate that you are paying attention.

Don’t despair that the entire spectacle resembles “ignorant armies clashing by night.” The game does have a logic to it, just like any other activity. And don’t worry that most of it still makes no sense because little by little (remember that football is a ”game of inches”), the “fog of [gridiron] war” will lift.

As you begin to understand individual elements of the game, you will gain a basic understanding of what’s going on.  (My wife even understands why a team will “go for it on fourth and 5” when it’s on the other team’s 30, after years of saying, “What’s the difference between a punt and a kick-off, again?) You’ll be surprised at how the sport can start to make sense as you keep putting the pieces together to solve the puzzle of this complicated game and, more important, your husband’s passion for it.

So get off the sidelines, Barbie, and get into the game—of understanding your Ken, his passion for football, and most important of all–his passion for you. Maybe you’ll even start to look forward to having people over to share the love—of the game, that is. It could be a gamechanger!

Kevin Clash, Ex-Elmo, Gets an Emmy Nod Despite Sex Scandal



The Emmy nomination announcement must’ve been bittersweet news for Kevin Clash, who received a “best performer in a children’s series” nod for his role as Elmo on Sesame Street — a job he left back in November after numerous allegations of sex with minors. (Clash is a native Baltimorean and attended Towson University.)

Dean of Johns Hopkins SAIS Appears on the Daily Show


Vali Nasr, dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (and former adviser to Richard Holbrooke) has written a book, The Dispensable Nation: American Foreign Policy in Retreat. That’s cool and all, but what we’re really impressed by is his smart-yet-funny appearance on the Daily Show last Thursday.

Did You See Baltimore on the Daily Show Last Night?


Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 10.16.09 AM

Last night, Jon Stewart’s Daily Show aired a segment that prominently featured Baltimore. You’ve got a little John Waters, a little Johns Hopkins, and a little condescension thrown in the mix for good measure. Warning:  extensive talk of pubic lice.

Married to Medicine: Shall We Watch, Hate-Watch, or Skip This New Reality TV Show?


After watching the promo trailer for Bravo’s new reality show Married to Medicine, the newest entry in the rich-ladies-fight-with-each-other-and-their-husbands (see:  Real Housewives of….) genre, all I can say is:  I am so glad this was not filmed in Baltimore.