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Three Baltimore Families: Three School Pandemic Solutions


Choosing a school for your child is often fraught with agonizing decisions and a sea of choices that are hard to navigate. In the pandemic, the layers of that choice are all the more complex. Each family has multiple options and creative solutions abound.

Below is a sampling of three Baltimore families and the choices that are right for them. As a community, we can celebrate our diverse options and applaud the families- all of whom are raising the future leaders of our Jewish community.

Back with Our Buddies at Grace Preschool


Grace Preschool is buzzing with excitement these days! We are greeted by smiling boys and girls each morning, and it has been an absolute delight to witness their happiness upon seeing friends and teachers.

Routines have been established, and our students are becoming pros at unpacking their belongings each day, washing their hands for a full thirty seconds several times a day, and wearing masks while in the building. We have been pleasantly surprised to find that this new normal has been a relatively easy adjustment for even our littlest learners! It seems that they are just so happy to be in school – playing, learning, and delighting in life with their peers. 

Still Learning Together: Beth Tfiloh Provides an Education for Life


From the moment the COVID-19 pandemic came into sight last spring, Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School’s leadership and faculty singularly focused their efforts directly at caring for students and their families. Thanks to our talented and agile faculty and administration, BT was able to create a virtual academy replete with learning, connection, and growth for the youngest ones through graduating seniors.

Last week, we were excited to welcome our students back to our school campus in stages (subject to change, of course). “We’ve spent an enormous amount of time coming up with a reopening plan that takes into consideration, first and foremost, the health and wellness and wellbeing of our school community,” said Beth Tfiloh Director of Education Dr. Zipora Schorr.

The First Week of School in the Children’s Garden at Waldorf School of Baltimore

Curiosity is piqued in garden spaces, especially when caterpillars are crawling around.

When the global pandemic caused schools to abruptly shift to distance learning in the spring, administrators at the Waldorf School of Baltimore began making adjustments for the fall. Last week, they kicked off the school year in a different kind of way.

Students in first through eighth grades began the year with distance learning and a plan to explore subject classes in groups, back on campus, over the coming weeks. Last week, the school welcomed their youngest students  – preschool, pre-K and Kindergarten –  back to a campus outfitted with improved outdoor learning spaces.

“Our curriculum calls for lots of time outdoors even when we are not in the midst of a global pandemic,” said Lindsay Machak, Director of Outreach and Communications, “so we just expanded on what we were already doing.”

Take a look at their first week of school in the Children’s Garden.

Free Back-to-School Haircuts in West Baltimore on September 1

free haircuts
Photo by Tommy Van Kessel for Unsplash.

In preparation for the start of the 2018-19 school year, the Baltimore Mobile Barber Lounge will provide complimentary haircuts to elementary and middle school boys on Saturday morning from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Sidewalk Sale, Back to School & More This Week at Wee Chic!

Kakki Morrison Photography
Kakki Morrison Photography

It’s that time of year for discount shoppers to revel in the glory of a great sale. But have you ever wondered if there is a method to the madness, a strategy behind the “For Sale” signs that flank retail store windows at this time of year?

Mrs. Klingle’s Underwear Dress, a Confession


bd6e3da6ae2fd75df03b062bdacdc91eIn honor of the back-t0-school season, writer Avery Caswell reveals the worst bad behavior from her grammar school days.

I was born first and consequently saddled with the typical traits of the firstborn: rule-following, approval-hungry, and hugely self-critical. At age three, soon after my little sister’s arrival, I realized I had been cast as the smart sister and she the cute and funny one. My sister was a cute and funny baby, then a cute and funny toddler—especially when she held a strip of cotton under her nose like a mustache and went around ho-ho-ho-ing like Santa. After she broke her collarbone, she was cute and funny even in a bulky, figure-eight cast, wearing my old green sweater and posing as the Incredible Hulk.

Start School After Labor Day, Says Maryland’s Comptroller

Peter Franchot. Photo via the Comptroller's Office.
Peter Franchot. Photo via the Comptroller’s Office.

Kids and adults may not always have the same view about when school should start, given one group’s desire to keep summer fun going and the other’s to let someone else handle the daily activity planning. Usually what the adults say goes, but the younger set may have found their ideal grown-up in Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot.

This McDonald’s Location is Giving Away School Supplies on Wednesday


mcdonalds-sign-hed-2013catch of the day fish (2)Back to school time is upon us in Baltimore City. On Broadway, that means McDonald’s franchisee LaVerne Vance is hosting her annual supply giveaway.

Tax-Free Back to School Shopping at Wee Chic



catch of the day fish (2)You might not know it by the heat, but fall (you know, the season with school in it) is right around the corner. Sorry kiddos, but before we know it, we’ll be scrambling to stuff backpacks full of pencils, cram sandwiches and cookies into plastic baggies, and school will officially be in session.