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Surprise: A Large Share of ‘Molly’ Brought to Music Festivals Doesn’t Actually Contain MDMA, Hopkins Researchers Say

The Electric Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles in 2010. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Johns Hopkins researchers have some bad news for today’s many pill-popping music festivalgoers: a large share of purported “Molly” tested at five years’ worth of concerts actually contained none of the drug.

Study: Putting One Safe Injection Facility in Baltimore Could Save the City $6 Million Per Year

Photo via WIkimedia Commons

A new study co-authored by Johns Hopkins public health researchers suggests installing one 13-booth safe injection facility for Baltimore’s drug users could save millions of dollars.

Police Piloting Diversion Program for Low-Level Drug, Prostitution Cases

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Some suspected drug and prostitution offenders in Baltimore will soon have the opportunity to see a case manager instead of a booking officer.

Trump Called Rep. Elijah Cummings to Talk About Drug Pricing After MSNBC Spot

Courtesy MSNBC

Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings and President Donald Trump have few things in common, ideologically speaking. However, one issue that they appear to agree on is that egregiously high prescription drug prices are a rotten component of the American health care system.

Even Bad ‘Shroom Trips Are Meaningful for Most, JHU Researchers Find

Photo by Alan Rockefeller, via Wikimedia Commons

Hopkins’ psychedelic researchers don’t just want to know whether magic mushrooms can help smokers quit or bring cancer patients peace; they also want to know about the worst trips and their lasting effects.

In Drug Raid, Baltimore Police Arrest Their Own Crime Scene Tech and Her Boyfriend

Timika Jones, the BPD crime scene technician left) and Clarence Jones, Jr., Courtesy BPD.
Timika Jones, the BPD crime scene technician (left) and Clarence Jones, Jr., Courtesy BPD

One of the Baltimore Police Department’s crime scene technicians appears to have allegedly taken on a questionable and very illegal side job outside of her work for the police force.

Meth Found in Baltimore’s Waterways



These national news stories about Baltimore these past few months are really not making us look good.

Opioid Addiction Hits Harford County Hard

Photo via National Geographic

Prince’s death is widely being attributed to complications stemming from opioid addiction, the latest drug panic to sweep America.

Baltimore Cop Goes Viral on “Humans of New York”

Photo via Humans of New York
Photo via Humans of New York

For the past five years, photographer Brandon Stanton has been taking pictures of people in New York. He posts these images to Facebook, alongside a small snippet of the story of their life, told in their own words, as part of his Humans of New York series.

Johns Hopkins-Led Commission Urges Drug Decriminalization



The so-called War on Drugs has had a negative effect on public health, both in the United States and across the globe, according to a report from a public health commission headed up by Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health in partnership with The Lancet.