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Cocaine Really Does Eat Holes in Your Brain, Hopkins Scientists Say



Anyone who watched TV in the 1980s know what a brain on drugs looks like. 

Painkiller Abuse Is a Serious Problem, Hopkins Research Says



Johns Hopkins just released a major study about public opinions on painkiller abuse–the first-ever national survey of this magnitude on the subject, according to researchers — and the results aren’t pretty.

This Case Is Basically Towson’s Version of Breaking Bad



In AMC’s series Breaking Bad, a chemistry teacher teams up with his deadbeat student to create a cutting-edge meth lab in Albuquerque. But that was fiction. In Towson, an Ivy League educated psychiatrist teamed up with an Army vet to build a MDMA (aka “molly”) lab in the basement of their three-story Victorian home. And this was real life!

Maryland Takes Further Steps to Fight Heroin



Baltimore may or may not be the heroin capital of the United States, but in any case, one thing is clear: Heroin is an increasingly serious problem here, in Maryland, and in the nation in general.

Baltimore Police Dept. Tweets Gun Grab

A rifle seized by the Baltimore Police Dept. in July (via BPD Twitter account).
A rifle seized by the Baltimore Police Dept. in July (via BPD Twitter account).

Like many Marylanders, the Baltimore Police Department made sure they found some time to show off their guns this summer.

Over the last few months, BPD units seized numerous illegal guns from the streets. One of them was pink. Sometimes, drugs and money were also involved. To give the public a better idea of what they’re collecting, BPD posts pictures of these guns to the department’s Twitter account with the hashtags #ASaferBaltimore and #NoMoreViolence. The posts go up year-round, but we’ve particularly been admiring the summer collection. Here’s a few highlights :

Will Banning Bracelets Help Prevent Drug Overdoses?

Photo via ClubGlow.com
Photo via ClubGlow.com

The Mad Decent Block Party, an early August music festival at Merriweather Post Pavilion, resulted in two deaths and nineteen hospitalizations, most of them assumed to be drug-related. As a result, concert promoters are taking a hard stand against… colorful bracelets?

Md. Man Exhibited Superhuman Strength While Resisting Arrest



This is probably going to be one of those mysteries that goes forever unsolved. Nicholas Borum, 32, of Hagerstown was acquitted Tuesday of a slew of charges stemming from a struggle with police in July during which he “displayed immense strength.”

How immense is “immense”? Well, when police responded to a burglary-in-progress call in Hagerstown, they found Borum on the property “clenching his fists, breathing heavy, and not responding” to commands. The cops managed to handcuff him, but in the ensuing melee he took some 30 zaps from a stun gun without going down and eventually broke the cuffs before he was eventually forced into an ambulance. He was then administered a sedative, but “the shot did nothing.”

How Glamorizing Drugs is Killing Black Kids

The author via Salon.com
The author via Salon.com

Local writer D. Watkins  is an adjunct professor at Coppin State University and runs a creative writing workshop at the Baltimore Free School. He holds a Masters in Education from Johns Hopkins and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Baltimore.  The following essay was published on Salon.com.

Weeks after William Leonard Roberts, better known by the stage name Rick Ross, won his case in a battle over the name with the real Rick Ross, my 11-year-old nephew Karl and his bugged eyes ran up on me with some Ross rap music. He was all excited like “Uncle D, Rick Ross is the biggest drug dealer ever, he’s so G, he only raps for a hobby because he already made millions moving crack!”

My nephew never sold a drug in his life because of me. Sell a drug and I’ll whip your ass is what I beat into his reality; however, he is still from east Baltimore and I can’t stop that. Being from east Baltimore means that you are biologically programmed to be infatuated with drug culture — who’s getting money, who’s snitching, who has the best dope, who’s driving what, who murdered who and so forth.

Dangerous Heroin Blend Is Killing Marylanders



Yes, “dangerous heroin blend” is a redundant phrase. Heroin alone is plenty lethal and responsible for hundreds of deaths in the U.S. every year. Despite initial speculation to the contrary, the heroin that killed actor Philip Seymour Hoffman likely wasn’t laced with anything, for example. Still, cutting the drug with fentanyl — a prescription pain killer “50-80 times more potent” than heroin — makes it far more deadly.

Unfortunately, fentanyl-laced heroin has made a comeback in Maryland and, according to WJZ, is responsible for 37 deaths across the state so far this year. The heroin blend is so powerful that users can get high just absorbing it through their skin.

A Talk With Johns Hopkins’ Illegal Drug Doc



Dr. Matt Johnson is one of those Johns Hopkins doctor who does all those studies on psychedelic mushrooms; he’s also done research on the effects of meth, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, and cocaine. Not your typical medical researcher, in other ways. He just did an AMA (“ask me anything”) session over at Reddit, and the questions–and answers!–were illuminating. Some highlights below:

Q: Do you have any personal experience with psychedelics or other psychotropic drugs?