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Involuntary Intoxication Defense Increasing In Courtrooms




Attorney Shawn Sukumar practices criminal defense in the District of Columbia. He represents clients who have been charged with a range of crimes, including DUI and attempted murder.

Will Breaking into that Hot Car Make you a Hero? or a Criminal?


Dog in car

Attorney Matthew Crowley was born in Northern Virginia, where he has practiced law for over a decade. He covers cases ranging from felonies to traffic offenses.

Towson University Fraternity Hazing Results in Criminal Charges





Kush Arora is an Annapolis criminal attorney who covers DUI cases, as well as defendants who have been charged with a variety of other criminal offenses.

We often think of it as an accepted part of the college scene—fraternity leaders force trembling young freshmen to undergo a series of humiliating and frightening ordeals in order to prove themselves worthy of membership. The situation is not nice, but it is normal in many people’s minds.

Baltimore Police Officer Captures Accident Caused by Pokémon Go




Maryland native Koria Stanton is a criminal attorney who focuses on cases involving DUI, drug, and assault offenses.

Times are certainly changing. While many states around the country still do not have updated texting-and-driving laws, it appears the public has moved on to the newest smartphone craze. The new normal, for many people around the United States of America, is their constant addiction and devotion to the new app Pokémon Go.

Baltimore City Council Struggling to Decide On Minimum Wage Increase


15 min wage

Mary Nerino is a criminal defense attorney in Northern Virginia representing clients who have been charged with offenses such as speeding and driving under the influence.

In April of 2016, Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke introduced a bill into the legislature that would increase the city of Baltimore’s minimum wage to $15 an hour by the year 2020.

Baltimore Police Department Amends “Use of Force” Policy in Favor of De-Escalation



Patrick Woolley is an experienced criminal and DUI defense attorney in Virginia, practicing primarily in Fairfax, Prince William, Fauquier, and Culpeper Counties.

Following the death of Freddie Gray from injuries suffered in Baltimore Police custody in 2015, it seems that federal and local authorities have begun to heed the call for the fight against police brutality.

Baltimore County Addresses Widespread Corruption at Recreation Centers



Oleg Fastovsky is an attorney with the Maryland Criminal Defense Group, representing clients who have been charged with a wide array of criminal offenses.

We all know that people can engage in nefarious activity when they are left to their own devices. We learned it from the financial crisis.

Goodson Acquittal Raises Serious Questions About State’s Attorney, Remaining Cases

State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby
State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby

Nicholas Braswell is a former public defender now in private practice as a criminal and DUI defense attorney in Richmond, VA.

Last month, the Baltimore police officer charged with the most serious offenses stemming from the arrest and death of Freddie Gray was acquitted on all counts by Judge Barry Williams, who ruled that the state did not demonstrate that Caesar Goodson’s actions on that fateful day exceeded simple civil negligence.

Officer Edward Nero Acquitted on All Charges in Freddie Gray Case

Officer Edward M. Nero
Officer Edward M. Nero

Koria Stanton is a Maryland criminal defense attorney with Price Benowitz LLP. Ms. Stanton is a former judicial clerk, and now helps clients facing traffic-related charges, drug allegations, DUI/DWI, and other criminal charges.

In a highly-anticipated conclusion to the bench trial of Edward Nero, Baltimore Circuit Judge Barry Williams acquitted the 30-year-old police officer of all charges in connection to the 2015 arrest and subsequent death of Freddie Gray on Monday.

Police Undercover at Merriweather Post



Phish (photo: Merriweather Post Pavilion)
Phish (photo: Merriweather Post Pavilion)

Seth Okin is a criminal defense attorney with Price Benowitz LLP. He handles traffic, felony, and DUI cases from his Baltimore-area office. He practices across the state, including Howard County.

Apparently, not everyone who attends concerts at Merriweather Post Pavilion comes to hear the music. Numerous arrests made during concerts last spring and summer highlight the presence of both uniformed and undercover Howard County police officers at the popular Columbia concert venue, which means that the guy rocking out to the music in the next row may be the band’s biggest fan or could be a plainclothes police officer looking for suspicious behavior.