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What you need to know about your pet’s food and animal by-products



A glance through the ingredients of your furry friend’s food might leave you with some questions. What exactly is animal by-product meal? If the food has all the nutrients my pet needs, does it even matter?

What do the different egg labels mean? Plus a classic Egg Salad recipe



Ready to stock up on eggs for your Easter egg hunt? Maybe you’ve taken a cruise through the egg aisle at the supermarket and noticed the myriad of terms that appear on the cartons. Free-range, Organic, All-Natural, Cage-free, and so on. These all sound like good things, but what do they actually mean?

10 Healthy Bowls for Lunch and Dinner



From smoothies to yogurt and burritos to sushi, we’re loving meals served in bowls. Layers of brightly-colored, richly-flavored, and super-nutritious ingredients come together in endless combinations.

Today, [Relay Foods shares their]  ten favorite bowls for lunch or dinner. Whether you’re craving comfort food, looking for a meal that packs a powerful punch of nutrition, or hoping to find a new recipe to help you kick that take-out habit, we’ve got a bowl you’ll love.

Asian-Inspired Bowls


  1. Rice, shredded cabbage, green onions, avocado, and teriyaki marinated salmon come together in this satisfying and healthy Teriyaki Salmon Bowl.
  2. Piled high with veggies and hoison-glazed tempeh, this Korean Black Rice Bowl is an envy-inspiring lunch choice.
  3. This yummy Egg Drop Ramen Bowl is way better for you than that ramen you had in college, but it’s not much harder to make.

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